Liposuction Preparation

When you’re thinking about your liposuction procedure, you’re undoubtedly excited just imagining your post-surgery body. You might not be quite as excited thinking about the preparation you’ll need to go through for your surgery and recovery. Prepping for liposuction, however, is fairly simple if you just follow a few steps, and it can have a critical impact on the quality of your eventual results. Here are some other pre-surgery tips. League City

1. More important than anything else, listen to all of your doctor’s instructions before undergoing liposuction surgery, and if you’re not sure about something, ask! Following your surgeon’s instructions carefully reduces potential risks and side effects. Plastic Surgeon

2. Be sure to stop taking blood-thinning medications at least two weeks before the surgery. Drugs containing aspirin, along with Vitamin E and anti-inflammatories, thin your blood. Tylenol is a safe substitute. League City

3. Stop smoking at least two weeks in advance of your liposuction and do not smoke for a month thereafter. Smoking increases potential risks associated with surgical procedures, as nicotine inhibits the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the surgery site. Plastic Surgeon

4. Be certain that you understand all instructions accompanying prescriptions from your surgeon. Additionally, you should fill all prescriptions before undergoing surgery, so that you will have them ready to go when you return home after surgery. League City

5. If you’re losing weight before the surgery, be realistic. If you drastically lose weight before liposuction, and then gain it back quickly post-surgery, you could negatively affect your results. Plastic Surgeon

6. Stock up on foods that are easy on the stomach, as well as foods that keep you regular. Crackers, soup, applesauce, and jello will be easy on your stomach as you recover. Foods high in fiber, prune juice, and even mild laxatives should be on hand, as pain medications often cause constipation. League City

7. Create a comfy sleeping area before you leave for your procedure. Lots of pillows are a good idea. Additionally, you may want to be sure you have a phone close by your bed. Plastic Surgeon

8. You may want to purchase scar-reducing lotions such as Mederma to use while you recover. Additionally, benadryl or oatmeal soap can be used to reduce post-op itching. League City

9. Be sure you have someone to take you to and from your surgery, and to stay with you during the first night after the liposuction. It’s a good idea to have someone around your home to help fix your food and retrieve anything you need for a few days after your surgery. Plastic Surgeon

10. Wear loose-fitting clothes to your surgery. Plastic Surgeon

These steps combined with your plastic surgeon’s advice should help you prepare for your liposuction procedure and transition smoothly through your recovery, so that you can reduce risk factors and show off that new body in no time! League City


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